Sunday, June 29, 2014

Time to start

What a weekend... After a great day spent with friends at the lake yesterday, today we all woke up a little tired. I hate it when that happens. Throw in a trip to Wal-Mart where I carry a screaming 3 year old out and, well, I'm spent. Now it's rest time, and after a quick nap myself (!) it's time to gear up for another week.

It's Sunday... the day around here where everything starts fresh. A fridge full of (sometimes healthy) food. Clean sheets. Clean house. This week, it's also time for a fresh start for yours truly.
A new schedule is happening round these parts. 2 a days.

Mornings will be spent with Chalene Johnson, and Turbo Fire. This is a challenging, fast paced workout, guaranteed to give you results. It can be quite high impact, but there are modifiers which still provide an excellent workout without as much impact. I absolutely love this workout program and have personally lost 35 pounds using it.
To fire it up another notch, and test out a new program at the same time, introducing:
Evening will be spent with.... Chalene Johnson and PiYo! Didn't see that one coming, did ya? :) If you haven't heard of PiYo, it's the newest brainchild of Chalene Johnson, and incorporates Pilates and Yoga. I've begun sampling the workouts, and so far I love it. It feels great to get such a great stretch in, and that fact that it is low impact is especially great. No pounding on my joints! Love.
I will be basically following the program guides provided with each workout program, modifying when needed. I am really very excited about this.
Another new thing I will be trying is Shakeology. I am in need of some nutrition help, and I'm hoping to use Shakeology for breakfast. It has an incredible nutritional value, and I'm excited to have a chocolate "shake" every morning!
Today I switched it around and planned for my Shakeology for lunch. I had this beautiful plate for breakfast, and it was lovely. Homemade salsa a la Pioneer Woman (I make a batch of this once a week without fail), half an avocado over 3 scrambled eggs. Strawberries on the side. Delicious. Speaking of breakfast, I find that I am much more satisfied when I have protein as my main focus for breakfast (instead of carbs) and a dose of healthy fat. It is really very amazing the difference in the way I feel when I eat this way. I will be sure to keep you all posted.

Stay tuned for some before shots and measurements tomorrow. Don't we all love those. I am also toying around with a Facebook motivational group. If anyone would like to join, please comment and let me know.
Have a great Sunday!

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