Monday, June 30, 2014

The Before

Today I took some photos. Some before photos. I cannot wait to see the after photos. I am committing myself to this program. This is my life. I am doing this for my family. For myself. For my daughter. I need to get healthy. These photos of me are very eye opening, and I can't say I'm pleased.

And my starting weight:

I really think that admitting this and seeing these photos and the numbers on the scale in all their glory will be a catalyst for me. No longer can I hide from the truth. I knew for a long time that I was getting bigger, but I was staying away from the scale. That way my fears couldn't be confirmed.
Makes sense, right? Wrong. No More.
Today I slept in. Whoops, already off on a bad foot. Or is it? I got home and really just wanted to sit down and relax. Instead, I got on my workout gear, told my daughter to come check on me and cheer me on every couple of minutes, and I got to work. Almost 600 calories later, and I felt so much better. And, my daughter did a great job coaching me!
My diet was super on point today as well. ljk830 on Myfitnesspal :)
Hope everyone had a great day. Be back tomorrow.

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