Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hanging in there

Posting from my phone - pardon that.

The last two days have been hectic work wise. This is good for many reasons. Weight wise because I can't stuff my face when I'm working away from my desk. No time for snacking. Which can also be bad. Today I had my Shakeology on the way to work, and didn't get to eat lunch until 1, about 7 hours later. I was hungry hungry. 

We had happy hour after work, well we called it a 'team outing'. I call that happy hour. 
I digress. I got peer pressured into a margarita. At least it was only one. And - major win for me was staying away from the chips and salsa. Yeah me!!

I have been following my workouts to a T. I am also thankful I've been able to get up at 430-5am and get them in. I have for zero motivation for that shit after working all day. 
I got myself a new fancy planner that I will fill out with all of my planned workouts. I'm also hoping to do my meal planning there.
I really thrive on organization and keeping things straight. It makes me happy, and let's face it. It's part of my type A.

This weekend will be challenging. A summer holiday weekend. Yikes for the diet. I really am excited for this weekend though. Time with family, beautiful weather and food and drinks. I've got healthy food planned. Still need to hit the store after work tomorrow. The day before July 4. I give it 30 seconds inside before I want to kill someone. Good times.

Next week my baby girl turns 4... Snif. I'll be staying busy getting ready for her small party and a day at the waterpark for the 3 of us to celebrate.

I think that's enough randomness for today! Happy Independence Day All!!

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